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Love through those three sets of eyes.

The first one

The one with braces.

The one who let me play with his hair

Put my arm around him

Hug for longer than three seconds

Secretly love each other.

The first one grew up.

The first one, I let go of.

The second one.

The one who laughed at all my jokes,

The one who danced with me gently.

The one who's laugh made me laugh too.

Who played the guitar,

Wore white tee shirts,

And told me to put my seat belt on.

The one who gave me butterflies

Mixed with giddy fear.

The second one now passes without saying hello.

The second one let go of me.

The third one.

The blonde one.

The one who lives so far away.

The one who didn't give me butterflies,

but dug up noble admiration.

The one who hugged me before I left.

The one who teased me.

Who always had an answer,

Who listens intently,

Who wears one hat and can't sleep with a shirt on.

We let go of each other.

The last one.

The one who'll bring me breakfast

The one who'll raise my kids

The one who'll brush his teeth with me

The one who'll kiss me on the forehead

Who'll grow grey with me

Who'll hug me every morning

Who'll be there every night.

The last one, I'm still waiting for.

And for the last one, I'll be patient.

By E.R. Blair

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