A Lone Kindred Spirit
A Lone Kindred Spirit bittersweet stories

asthete i find peace in the rain
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Little she knows of real love.

A Lone Kindred Spirit

Sickness chases her day and night

An assassin willing to draw his knife to her waist

And stab a pain so deep it leaves a scar.

But she shakes it off. Tis only a scar after all.

A simple goodbye casts a worry upon her so great

She fears every goodbye is the end

And that every look cast upon her is critical.

But under eyes of kindness, she shakes it off,

Wondering if the only real love she has given away

Has been re-gifted.

He is there, and he is there

Always there, And she is there

Endless topics of conversation ready to be written

Or shouted, Or whispered

Some words are better left unsaid,

Yet she screams them, unafraid.

If there is one thing she knows, it is that the light is fading fast

Over the faces of her people, and the songs they proclaim

The shadows chase them away from her

And she tries to shake it off once more.

But little she knows of real love.

For shadows cannot chase it away.

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