Your eyes.
Your eyes. eye stories

asteri For ''those'' days.
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Most often we help others by making them realize how special they are, and we refuse to accept that we are as well.

Your eyes.

You try to convince everyone that they shouldn't love your eyes,

since you feel they are unworthy.

You try to convince everyone that they shouldn't stop believing in their own eyes,

since you know how nasty the feeling of losing faith in them can be.

The amount of effort you put into making others stop adoring your eyes is admirable, really.

But you're so kind dear, you are always there for everyone who calls for help, even for those who don't.

Wherever someone gets lost, wherever they end up, your eyes are inside them, in front of them, behind them.

Warming their hearts up, helping them find their way back home.

How can you expect people to give up such a treasure like yourself from their lives?

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