The path that leads to you.
The path that leads to you. thinking stories

asteri For ''those'' days.
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Late night thoughts.

The path that leads to you.

It's too late, I should be asleep by now.

I need to sleep, rest my body, my mind, my soul.

But this is a choice I made, among many others.

Each one comes with a price.

This one is dark circles under my eyes tomorrow morning, darker than the pitch black night that tonight is.

I wish every one of them was as simple as that.

But the path my heart chose to follow, has a different outcome.

You're at the end of the road, I can see you standing still.

But I walk, I walk, I walk.

I never reach you.

There never was an end on this road.

Maybe it's all a trick, a hallucination.

I'm afraid I don't know how to head back though,

even if I did, where would I go?

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