(Pt 2) Darkest Moons: A Warrior Cat Fanfiction
(Pt 2) Darkest Moons: A Warrior Cat Fanfiction
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(Part Two) Darkest Moons: Warrior Cat Fanfiction buy Yours Truly and @snickerdoo
In the second part, sisters Ivymoon and Violetfrost, accompanied by Willowclaw, continue their aimless quest for a new home. A strange group of cats might have the answer.

(Pt 2) Darkest Moons: A Warrior Cat Fanfiction

Written by: Yours Truly and the amazing @snickerdoo Art by: Yours Truly Note: Wow, I didn’t expect this would get so much attention! So... here’s part two! I’ll keep this one at 50 slides, not 100. Sorry the last one was so long! Enjoy!

Chapter 5: Ivymoon padded out of the makeshift den. The sun was peeking over the horizon, and dew clung to the grass. The early morning air was crisp, but smells of prey were scarce. Determination to provide food for her kits and sister was the only thing pulling her paws forward. Ivymoon felt weak as she dragged her gray tail through the dewy grass.

A branch snapped, and Ivymoon whipped around. Before she could investigate, a plump starling fluttered nearby. Ivymoon wiggled on her haunches and tucked her paws underneath her. She raised her tail and watched the starling peck the seeds intently. She then sprung, and her claws held down the struggling bird. With a quick nip to the neck, it fell limply to the ground.

Proudly, Ivymoon kicked some dirt over it and continued her hunt She came across a small group of mice scurrying near a rotting log and nibbling on the bugs that were eating the log. Ivymoon snarled, and sprung, killing two small brown creatures. Ivymoon picked her way back to a small round pile of dirt and unearthed her starling. The kits will love this! She thought happily.

“Ivymoon.” Somebody whispered behind her. Startled, Ivymoon whipped around with a hiss. But who she saw was not an enemy. Willowclaw stood there, his green eyes warm. His dusty gray-brown fur stood in tufts. “Willowclaw?” Ivymoon asked in surprise, and she struggled for words. The tom nodded, “I needed to come with you, Ivymoon. I just… when we looked at each other…

I just, I know I need to come with you. Violetfrost can’t fend off everything by herself.” “It’s a mousebrained idea.” Ivymoon thought aloud. Willowclaw’s eyes were dark with desperation. Ivymoon felt her heart flip. “Fine. You can come.” Willowclaw’s eyes brightened immediately.

“Willowclaw? Coming with us?” Violetfrost whispered. The small group trekked through the Twolegplace. Large dens towered to the sky, wooden planks guarding the territory of the Twolegs who lived there. “We need more cats to help us.” Ivymoon meowed. “Good cats! We need more good cats!” Violetfrost complained. “Wait….. Are you saying he is good?

WHY THE STARCLAN WOULD YOU THINK A SHADOWCLAN CAT IS GOOD?!?” Ivymoon’s pelt turned red hot. She looked to the dusty gray tom, confidence was in his stride as he let the tiny kits scramble onto his back. “I think the kits need someone to play with… that isn’t kin,” Ivymoon meowed. Violetfrost grunted and looked away, cursing under her breath, “FINE, fine.”

The moon had started to rise when Ivymoon finally spotted the end of the Twolegplace. Ivymoon puffed in relief. The strange scents of Twolegs and monsters had began to burn in her nose. Wails from tired kits echoed at her paws. Her eyes, too, were beginning to get heavy with exhaustion. “I think I found a place.” Violetfrost said to the obviously tired group.

Willowclaw mumbled as Violetfrost’s shaded tail tip disappeared into nearby shrubs. Inside the shrubs was a small clearing. Ivymoon collapsed onto the cold, dirt floor. She laid to her side, allowing her kits to nestle at her stomach. Willowclaw looked at the kits in concern, “Aren’t they old enough for prey?”

Violetfrost set her blue eyes coldly onto the dusty tom, “You’re not their father, Willowclaw.” Ivymoon watched Willowclaw’s muscles bunch under his pelt. “No need to fight. The kits need a whole moon until they are fully weaned, but thank you for your concern.” Ivymoon mewed to the dusty tom. She then set her gaze on her sister.

Violetfrost’s eyes had a hint of cold and bitterness, but before Ivymoon could respond. Violetfrost trotted into the shrubs. “I’ll get some prey, before it gets too dark.” Ivymoon was about to point out that the moon was already at its highest point, but she knew her sister needed to have space, so she settled her head on her paws. She spent the last two seconds when she was awake to look at her kits lovingly.

Larkkit’s brown ruffled fur, Puddlekit’s similar gray and black pelt, and Mistkit’s easy rise and falling white chest. “Ivymoon,” A voice echoed out into the darkness of Ivymoon’s sleep “Ivymoon,” it repeated “IVYMOON” The voice wailed impatiently. “I’m up! I’m up!” Ivymoon got to her paws looking at the alarmed face of Willowclaw.

“Ivymoon, Violetfrost is gone!” “What?!” Shock and alarm flooded Ivymoon’s mind. She got up to look at the cold space next to her where Violetfrost supposedly should’ve been. She looked to Willowclaw in panic, and was startled to see the horror flashing in his eyes. Jealousy prickled her fur and she struggled to choke it down

Ivymoon still struggled to get rid of her jealousy, but she sniffed the air for her sister’s scent. “We can’t leave my kits, or bring them. Who knows what danger may be in these woods.” Ivymoon whispered to the tom. Willowclaw’s eyes trailed to the kits. Ivymoon noticed that he seemed worried for the small kits, who still slept on the dewy grass.

Willowclaw looked to her, and Ivymoon felt a twinge of reassurement when she saw fondness in his eyes, “I will stay with them, if you want.” Ivymoon’s heart flipped. “Willowclaw… I know you love my sister over me. Its ok. I just wanted you to know… that I, I enjoy your presence, and it would be an honor to find Violetfrost with you.” Ivymoon meowed to the tom.

Willowclaw’s eyes lit up, “Oh.. er… can we talk about this later?” Ivymoon felt uncomfortable in her fur, “Yeah. Sure. Just don’t stay with the kits, I have a feeling we need more paws on this problem.” Ivymoon looked to her paws. Willowclaw rested his tail on her back, “Even if I do like your sister, Ivymoon, it doesn’t mean I don’t like you.”

Ivymoon didn’t feel exactly reassured, but nodded and rouse dher kits. Puddlekit licked his mother’s nose. “What are we doing, Mama? Where’s Violetfrost?” Mistkit looked up at her questioningly. “We are going to play a little game, kits. Violetfrost is going to be a mean badger, so you can’t leave this spot. We’re going to go after her and make sure she doesn’t get you ok?” Ivymoon mewed.

Willowclaw flicked his tail, “We might not get her, but you still need to stay here. Or else she’ll be a mean badger and try to take you away. Then you’ll lose the game.” The three kits’ eyes glowed in the pale light of the rising sun, and they excitedly agreed as the two older cats dove through the shrubs and began their search.

Ivymoon scanned the floor for any evidence of the direction Violetfrost went. On a lone bush was a white tuft of familiar fur. “This way! Ivymoon exclaimed. Ivymoon darted past the bush and followed a very faint trail of a familiar Violetfrost scent. The scent got stronger and stronger along the way. They were on Violetfrost’s trail. Suddenly Ivymoon spotted something that made her fur stand on end.

“What is it?” Willowclaw said from behind. Ivymoon backed away slowly, revealing a puddle of blood. Tufts of white were scattered everywhere along with splashes of crimson liquid. The metallic tang of fresh blood seemed to fill Ivymoon’s nostrils. She looked to Willowclaw, who sniffed the blood-stained grass catiously. “What could have attacked her?” Ivymoon heard him sigh. Grief was filling his gaze.

“Don’t be such a kit, Willowclaw. My sister was the finest warrior in ThunderClan, Violetfrost will live. Even if she fought a badger and a whole clan one-pawed, she would live!” Ivymoon announced determinedly. Willowclaw bowed his head, and when he looked up again, renewed hope glinted in his eyes.

“If what you say is true,” Willowclaw mewed, “Than follow the trail of blood.” Ivymoon followed his gaze to a thin trail of crimson, leading up a small slope and through lush ferns. The metallic scent hung along with the splatters of red. Ivymoon’s heart lurched as she led Willowclaw up the small slope and through the ferns. The red blood drops grew larger, and fresher.

Panic seared Ivymoon’s heart like fire to a forest. “Ivymoon. This smell. Its cats, a lot of them, and either Violetfrost left with them, or was taken by them.” Willowclaw and Ivymoon shared a glance. It wasn’t like last time, Ivymoon felt with a pang, this time it was worry, horror.. Loss. Ivymoon sprinted through the bushes, thorns tore at her legs and fur, and mud squished between her toes.

She skidded to a halt, and stared wide eyed at a group of cats. In the center of the makeshift camp, Violetfrost laid unconscious, surrounded by three cats. Ivymoon snarled, and every pair of eyes looked to her. “Get away from my sister!” Ivymoon thundered, slashing at a ginger tom. She ran through the stranger’s camp and pounced so that she stood above her sister’s body.

She raised a paw to swipe the worried look off of a tortoiseshell she-cat’s face, but Willowclaw gave her a warning nip. “I think… they were helping her…” Willowclaw whispered, looking at Violetfrost’s torn body. Ivymoon felt grief tug at her heart. “Sister..” she whimpered, settling down at Violetfrost’s side and burying her nose in her sister’s pelt.

The only reassurement she felt was the tiny rise and fall of Violetfrost’s chest. “You hurt Sister Rose when we were only trying to help.” A well groomed creamy white she-cat. Ivymoon whispered in Willowclaw’s ear, “That must be their ‘star.” “Did you call our Mother ‘star’?” A black tom yowled. Ivymoon looked to the cream-colored she-cat

“I come in peace. I am sorry I inflicted harm on you. My sister, Violetfrost, was missing. She is injured, and I thank your… cats… for the help they brought. I’m not sure if calling you a star is wrong, but from where I come from ,our leader’s name ends with star.” Ivymoon announced, looking up at the she-cat, who dipped her head.

“Then call me Motherstar,” the she-cat replied, “Come to my den so we may discuss your sister’s condition.” Ivymoon looked to Willowclaw. What kind of name is Motherstar? Or Sister Rose? Willowclaw’s eyes seemed to say the same. *quick note: SnickerDoodle and I created the Sisters looong before the new series. This is like a 3 year old story*

“Motherstar? My sister must come with me.” Ivymoon protested. Motherstar raised her paw for silence, “Your sister is in no condition to travel. I know you have left your ‘Clan’ and have kits who await for your return, but Violetfrost must simply stay here until she heals. Do you even know where you’re going?” Ivymoon was at loss for words.

The blue-eyed she-cat seemed to know everything, although Ivymoon had just explained the small group’s journey. “We do not know, but StarClan does and will lead us there.” “You have faith in your ancestors, young cat. I admire you for that, but you also are stubborn. Stubborn to admit your weakness. Stubborn to ask for help and love when you need it.

Tell me. Do you know you have this stubbornness?” Motherstar asked, her wispy tail flicking across the ground. “I do not!” Ivymoon hissed, her claws flexing. Motherstar smirked, “Then prove it to me and my Family. Stay a half-moon. By then your sister shall be well.” The creamy she-cat flicked her tail before Ivymoon could retort. Furious, Ivymoon stomped out of the den

“Fine, Motherstar,” she replied sourly, “I’ll get my kits and live here for a half moon, but no longer!”

Chapter Six (A): Violetfrost looked down from the tree she sat in. Her injuries were gone, and peace was the only feeling inside her. Below was a winding river that cut through a forest and moorland. Stretches of flat land continued out from the banks of the river, and was flowed with a line of spread out oaks.

Ducks rested on the shores of the river, and small shrubs and stones provided safety for rabbit warrens. From the branch, Violetfrost could see birds, rodents, and squirrels live under the treetops. Below her was a small ravine, almost like ThunderClan’s. Violetfrost looked to the sky. It was blue and clear, the sun nowhere to be seen.

“Is this StarClan? Have I died?” she wondered aloud. Next to her appeared a white and gray kit, with glittering eyes and black markings across his nose. “No, Violetfrost. This is the place you have been looking for.” The tom said. Violetfrost cocked her head. The kit had star in his fur, stars that glittered so brightly they were almost blinding “Who are you exactly?”

Violetfrost asked the tiny cat. The kit fixed his eyes onto her. “I am Ravenkit. I was your brother, but I died at birth. I wanted to guide you to your destiny.” Ravenkit mewed. Violetfrost purred. Imagine! Telling Ivymoon I got advice from a kit! “I know what your thinking, sister. Crazy, isn’t it, taking advice from a kit?” Violetfrost felt her pelt grow hot, “Sorry Ravenkit, but..

If this is the place… then how do we find it?” The small gray and white tom smirked, “Your answer is with you, Violetfrost. When you wake up.” “But.. will I even wake up?” Violetfrost begged her brother. Ravenkit just smiled and climbed up the tree and disappeared among its branches “Violetfrost! Thank StarClan!” a familiar voice echoed.

She opened her eyes and saw Willowclaw looking at her with unexpected love in his eyes. Awkwardly she smiled back, but the tom curled his tail around hers and pressed his nose to Violetfrost’s. “I don’t know what I would have done if I lost you…” the dusty tom purred. Violetfrost was overwhelmed. Never in her life had she dreamed of a tom tripping over his paws to get to her.

She let herself be dragged into his warmth, and twined her tail with his. ‘Me neither.” she murmured. “Aww get off of her!” Ivymoon spat in a joking way. Awkwardly, Willowclaw left Violetfrost’s side. Violetfrost nuzzled her sister. “You won;t believe it. I had a dream with Ravenkit, our lost brother. He died at birth, but he showed me where to go. He said the answer would be-”

then her eyes fell on a creamy she-cat who watched form a corner of the small dug-out den. “That’s… Motherstar. She has been taking care of you.” Willowclaw assured her, and quietly he added, “I owe her my life.” “I am Motherstar, and I must be your answer. Tell me your dream, Sister Violetfrost, and I will help you.”

Violetfrost told the wise cream she-cat everything. The view of the territory, Ravenkit, and the camp below. Motherstar listened in horror “That was my Family’s old home. It was taken over by rouges. If I show you where it is, let you fight them, then we will allow you to have our territory.” Motherstar mewed “No. We need the winding river territory. Not this.

Just show us where it is, and we will avenge you but keep that land.” Ivymoon protested. Motherstar seemed hurt, but she nodded, “Just get the rouges away. Most of them will join you, likely, but many will put up a fight.”

Mistkit and her brothers followed their mother silently into the woods. Ivymoon winked to Violetfrost over her shoulder and sped ahead. Violetfrost was left alone with Willowclaw, whose pelt brushed hers “I thought you liked Ivymoon.” Violetfrost mewed, breaking the silence “I know, but when you went missing… I felt like a part of me went too. Oh Violetforst…

can’t you see? We are meant to be! Ivymoon may have brought us together, and we will stay that way. Don’t you love me too?” Willowclaw replied. Violetfrost was silent at first. “I never thought a tom would love me. I never dreamed of having kits. Not even considered it.” Violetfrost sighed. The two walked together tensely. Violetfrost’s pelt felt sticky as she gathered up her courage to reply.

“I know you have doubts Violetfrost, but StarClan doesn’t. See those two stones? Those two perfectly alike oak leaves. And those small saplings. How many are there? Two! Can’t you see, Violetfrost?” Willowclaw murmured. Violetfrost felt blind. Willowclaw was a foolish tom, falling for she-cats left and right, but Violetfrost could feel her heart pull her closer to him. “Yes, Willowclaw. I see.”

To be continued...

Author’s Note: I hope shortening it made it better this time! I didn’t expect Part 1 too get so much attention -thank you guys! I hope this Part was just as good. I’ll work on getting pt.3 up ASAP Also, follow @snickerdoo! We did this fanfic together! ✌🏻 -A.Dao

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