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The dungeon exploring log of a mercenary and his crew, sent to investigate recently unearthed ruins beneath the town of Aurum



Day 1

Date: 12’th of october 1786

Location: Recently unearthed ruins beneath the town of Aurum

Explorer: Sheamus

The provisions were made ready upon our arrival.

A modest amount of food and water, enough to sustain us should we get lost in the cavernous crypts which we were to delve into, was placed upon a small desk.

Untouched for ages, this underground trove of ancient knowledge was ours to scour and pillage, just so long as we recorded our findings for our employer.

The old man was adamant about us scouring every nook and cranny for scrawlings, whether we could read them or not, and copying them down.

The others and I thought it best not to question his motives, as he was providing us with enough coin to never work again. We entered the ruins five strong including myself.

The most zealous amongst us, Raleigh insisted she move ahead of the group to announce her prayers and purify the ancient caverns.

A light gleamed from her book as she called out various words of purity, and announced that these grounds now belonged to her god.

A rock shook loose from the ancient ceiling, and found its way on top of Raleigh. Her metal chest piece crumpled beneath it’s prodigious weight.

She wheezed and coughed a bit before her armor and rib cage gave way. The sickening noise of crunching bones and the splash of blood that followed still rings in my ears and stings my brain.

We are now four strong, and I fear our numbers may yet decrease further. The ruins themselves were strange.

The walls and ceilings that were not cluttered by debris or completely destroyed were wide and curved. Some places looked almost like cathedrals. Others, like prisons.

We found numerous circular rooms, that were completely stark, save for a farge marble slab in the center. One shudders to imagine what unholy acts may have taken place here.

We scoured the ruins for hours, but not a single item of any value could be found. The walls of the caverns were filled with scrawlings of unknown origin along with images of strange creatures.

One drawing that seemed to appear over and over was some manner of monster with tentacles protruding from its face.

We assigned Roland to copy them down as he had received training as a scribe some years ago.

Strangely, the caverns seemed to go out much farther than they should, but we found nothing on the top level. We decided, after several hours of scouring, to go down.

Tensions increased as the first torch was lit, the caverns no longer illuminated by the cracks in the ceiling, now only dim torchlight cast its weak radiance upon the dilapidated walls.

Weapons were drawn and ready, Simon, perhaps a bit too confident in his abilities,

dragged his sword along the wall as if to challenge whatever beings may inhabit this cavern to do battle with him. As I clutched my musket I began to wonder to myself, what was I preparing for.

These ruins have been buried for untold centuries, what threat could possibly reside within this place? We set up a campfire not far from the base of the stairs.

It was near evening when we descended and by the time we had reached the bottom it was presumably close to 7:00.

I wasn’t entirely sure, my pocket watch failed to operate shortly after we entered the cave. Strange.

End of day one.

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