Sonnet VI
Sonnet VI poetry stories

askingashe Yes, beloved.
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I know I use the “summer rain” thing a lot but this poem in particular was very important to me. It was the first poem I wrote in a long time and I felt that I gave it justice and more importantly it helped me remember how much joy and clarity writing can bring.

Sonnet VI

Of all I’ve done before today, I ask To gaze upon the clouds. For she as lovely As a summer rain; darkness a mask. The light around those hurt, lost, and lonely.

If time was mere existence, I would wait. Until the storm connected with the ground. Until the sky, fickle finger of fate. Showed it’s strength in a flash of light and sound.

To be one with it I long to become. A soft sway dancing in the summer wind. Among the shade who’s will would not succumb, Except the old and dying wunderkind.

Although I yearn to run, I never leave. My heart it burns pinned to skin on the sleeve.

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