Online Diary Day 3
Online Diary Day 3 online diary stories

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Day 3 of my Online Diary

Online Diary Day 3

So I couldn't sleep very well last night because of stomach problems. I usually get gas when I'm on my period, and unfortunately, I was right.

Just to be safe, I'd slept with a towel underneath my lower abdomen area in case I leaked, and guess what? I DID! Being a girl sucks.

To help keep track of my period, my mom suggested an app called Maya (#notsponsered). I'm still setting it up, but it seems legit, since my mom uses it a lot and it seems to work for her.

Anyway. 26th of August in LA. So... 5+30+10=.... 45 days to go till my birthday! Sure it sounds like a lot to wait, but I mean, it still feels like Feb 2020.

Time flies when you're in quarantine, I guess. I just thought of a killer idea for my birthday. The Mandalorian's 2nd season releases in October.

You know, the Star Wars spin-off show on Netflix, about the bounty hunter from Mandalore who finds a baby Yoda? Yeah, that one.

I think that we'll finally find out the truth behind the baby Yoda in the 2nd season. For this whole year, I've been thinking up theories and reading more on the internet. My fave ones are...

Did Yoda clone himself in case he was needed in the future? Did Yoda have a little brother?

Did he have a secret romance with Yodel (google her, I don't have time to explain the whole Star War franchise) and he's his son?

Or is he completely unrelated to Yoda, except for the fact that they are the same species? Hmm... I can't wait to find out. I've also though of names for the little guy.

It seems that all the people in Yoda's species' names begin with 'Yod'. It was difficult to think up names on that basis, but I got some good ones.

Yodu? Yoder? Yodera? Yodgel (pronounced Yod-Gel)? Yodley? Yodlee? Yodun? Yodar? OK, I'm done. To choose the right name, we need the gender first, but it hasn't been mentioned even once.

I mean, the Mandalorian didn't use a 'he' or 'she' pronoun, he just called baby Yoda 'it'.

How rude! I mean he would have noticed the gender while changing a diaper or something, but I don't think baby Yoda wears a diaper...

I also read on the internet that the most likely name would be Yiddle, it's cute, and I like it. Well, I gotta go, my room is a complete mess, and I'd like to clean it. Bye!


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