The Unlikely Love
The Unlikely Love truelove stories

ashna My superpower, turning emotions to words
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Sometimes we find what we searched for the whole life, at the most unlikely places and choose not to possess it. My unlikely undone truelove.

The Unlikely Love

You are the chapter That wrote itself My life journal seemed complete

As real as it was More surreal it felt The most unlikely Yet the perfect one

Life kept us apart We never stood a chance Stuck on the line that divide The rights and wrongs

We swung our feelings Yet boxed it all in Fearing to hurt another soul Still involuntarily loving

Illogical my mind Unreasonable my heart Yet righteous I stayed Baring all the pain

Pleasing the world Sacrificing ourselves Caring you the most Beyond conditions

The wrongness of our truelove Tasted the best The happy memories Deeply carved within us

We would never get to Rewrite our story Yet the most beautiful Though the most bizarre

I will cherish it now and forever Like a memoir of love A rose flower resting Amidst the leaves of a book

By Ashna Thanks for reading

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