Ode to a Paper Bag
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My first Ode :)

Ode to a Paper Bag

by ashleyciera

Once, he decided on a paper bag that the sun could be blue if he asked it to he made himself king with a paper tag and made me queen with a ring of glue.

this paper bag held all of our laws held doodles and poems deep down inside our castle was covered with the things we drew a bright white sheet with no uncovered side

his happy, bright smile held all of our hope 'til times grew tough and his love was gone I found out, you can't scrub sad with soap and it seemed as though our kingdom was done

paper bag, paper bag, please help my friend he draws not on you with bright yellow crayons but draws on his skin with sharp razor ends destroying his kingdom, land by land

Once, he decided on a paper bag to count how long he could go without pain slashes 'til he had a new plastic tag "suicide attempt" and it spelled his name

oh king, oh dear king please come back to me remember the songs & the games we played we slayed that dragon that lived in your tree oh my dear friend how I wish you'd have stayed.

Once, he decided on a paper bag that the world was screwed and he could not stay under his bed I found his ripped up tag and a note that said "I'm going away"

so, that's what he did – never saw him once more so I grabbed the bag and felt tears in my eyes as I rushed home and nailed it to my door and I wrote on the top "our king has died".

Once I decided on a paper bag I'd never forget that he likes the sun blue he was still king with that brown paper tag and I'd never let go of that ring of glue.

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