Missing puzzle pieces- a poem.
Missing puzzle pieces- a poem.  stories

ashleycierainstagram: @etherallibra
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Don't try to fix me, i have to fix myself.

Missing puzzle pieces- a poem.

by ashleyciera

I hope you can forgive me for i can't seem to fall in love. and that's what seems to be raking everyone's minds love, love, falling in love

such a concept that is, the mere thought of a beautiful beginning and hopeful forever that sends me shaking and turning away grey eyes, dark brown, your eyes are all the same to me

i can't seem to fall in love with their eyes I long desperately for the days i wasn't uncertain i had hope, hope in my heart i felt i could never be apart from another whom i've grown to love

who are they? where are they? I can't seem to find them. so i hope you can forgive me, and love someone else, for i am a broken puzzle, with pieces missing everywhere you can't solve me,

you can't fix me. Don't waste your time.

Instagram- bluehairedtrashcan

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