Let Yourself Grow- a poem.
Let Yourself Grow- a poem.  stories

ashleyciera17 year old poet.
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The key to happiness.

Let Yourself Grow- a poem.

by ashleyciera

We humans feel the deepest pain in the depths of our body. Liquids flow from our eyes, muscles pull our face and contort it downwards, and we don't try to fix it. We shake, we scream, we curl up.

But, we laugh. We sit up and wipe our tears away. Us humans, we experience the craziest feelings in our soul and we show our teeth off with our beautiful smiles. For times are hard, it's painful.

But we see ourselves as flowers. We see others as blossoming wonders, and when the stems are cut, we just need to let ourselves grow again. That, is the key to happiness.

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