Dysfunctional Family
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Dysfunctional Family

by ashleyciera

town to town with a dysfunctional family smiles from mom, absence of emotion from father he does drink when she goes to bed.

i remember one night when i was 6 i woke up after a bad dream. i saw myself in the mirror and i cried because i was afraid from the nightmare.

i ran out, looking for dad and there he was with a bottle of vodka longer than my arm. i could use the tears i've shed to fill that bottle, i'm sure of it. he drank liquor that burned

and yelled at me when i took pills that burned my tongue for years i thrived off the feeling of starvation even today i long for the ache of absolutely nothing clawing my insides.

my mother would cry, my brother would get angry they'd beg me to save myself while i silently begged them to let me go

i threw myself onto boys i thought would save me but no boys sticks around a girl who can't give them everything yet all the love in my heart went to these boys, until i was left as a shell

what did i expect? what have i ever expected of my life? the addictions drove me to my own highs and i knew i'd never give them up.

sorry, mama.

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bernardtwindwilGranddad & story teller, tomthepo8.com
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This was such a heart rending piece. I know that happens more than people are willing to admit. It was courageous of you to write this. It leaves me more speechless as I felt so helpless. I am a fixer, a healer, a mother hen. I nwant to lauch into action but I know that I cannot. Great post!!!!!