I knew you were the one.
I knew you were the one.  toxic stories

ashlehqueen Community member
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Shattered By AshlehQueen

I knew you were the one.

I Believed You Were The One Until You Came With Your Fists.

And I Was Supposed To Give Up Each And Everything And Choose My Pride But I Couldn't......

It was the same Day when I realized that I was not with you because you provided protection. It's because I am helplessly in love with you.

Even if you were Toxic.

Even if I knew that this first time will never be last time, I still choose to stay

Because I am foolish enough to hope that you will realize that I can't cheat on you.

Shattered - A free book on Wattpad, Litnet and Inkitt under the user name AshlehQueen. A very toxic and emotional journey.

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