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JAB WE MET AGAIN a familiar voice shouted my name from behind



a familiar voice shouted my name from behind

heart skipped a beat

i was about to say oh shit

before i could react

i felt her hugging attack

she said while holding my arm u look good

smiling reply was the best I could

she asked sarcastically r u alone

asked i for a coffee coz now u will leave in a while that fear is gone

sipping slowly, she asked u still have that car

i knew we don’t have topic now we have moved very far

memory flash remember i used to hold your hand always on the coffee table

i said i remember when u left me that was the first time i made waves in wind while driving

your demands never allowed me to look deep in me what’s hiding

cool said she

i with gratitude wanted to say thanks for setting me free

since when have we not seen each other

exactly since the time i have seen myself happy

asked she irritatedly shall i leave

no now life is so wonderful u won’t believe

r u practicing yoga some guru or some other trend

ahaan since out of your leash i have thousands of friends

stop all this...old stuff

lets start this afresh

yes i have learned to fly no worries now i wont crash

she:::this red t shirt suits you

whats this tattoo "maktub" and strange u didnt notice my peirced nose

I ::u know i never figured what broke us all those years we were so close,...,.....

well ur pierced nose looks great and this tattoo is maktub will tell u later and red is still my love

so what time is your flight....

she said i took connecting flight to Delhi this is a layover night.....

ohkaay then buy me a beer ...and m sure u will have that regular rum with cola

yup that is the only things that is still the same

i have frnd who constantly reminds me of u.. her name is rumola. (rum with cola)

do they still call u romeo ..

haha now my daughter does.....

i saw her photo the moment u opened ur purse

with wet eyes mine was there for years

r glider and euro still at ur place

she::: how hard it is to not talk about that phase

the tutions college bunks book reading that was all so crazy rather sweet;

9 yrs ago u left me heart broken doomed shattered on the street

i was under pressure from all sides and didnt u know what u were ..broke out of job .....i had to

waiter ::: sir mam should i repeat......

thanks for interrupting i did loose my mind we ought to leave it neat.....i tried i couldn’t...

even i swam the deepest of the waters ,i cried for nights, couldnt really decide then what i should or shouldn’t ....

actually decided never to hear from you or be heard.........sorry...

.......again i will be blamed for leaving early

my flights been announced need to leave ...i wished it get delayed till ur flights time.....

i know leaving u then and staying now are both crime

when do u fly?????

i:::::: when u shouted my name i was heading to the terminal that was the final announcement.......

and maktub means everything is already written u have to leave .......

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