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. You and I love in ways that no mere man could understand



You and I love in ways that no mere man could understand; the love of a god, of fairy tale, of myths and dreams

We were untouchable, high above the mortal limits

Of lust, of love, of virtue and vice,

Of simplicity and song

Carved our own morals out of broken bones

Carved a statue of servitude to our own misgivings, our own sorrows and suffering.

Found a beauty in the pain and the panic

Masterpieces among the rubble

forgotten paintings in the ruins

Torn and tattered

But god,

So beautiful.

So sacred.

So sweet.

I found comfort in your chaos

Could not capture it adequately in any medium

Not film

Not paint

Not words or melodies or ink

Could break the surface

Of your soul.

Oh, how i tried,

Oh, how I try,

To recreate and immortalize


Or the beauty you radiate.

But the light you create

You cannot be contained.

You found comfort in my fire

Found warmth where others found only scorched ground and impossible barricades

Wound ribs out of barbed wire,

A high voltage heart,

And you,

Ignored the warning

Picked the lock and sauntered

Through the gates

You Worked long and hard and endlessly

Braved the flame that might reduce you to ash, determined to rise from me as if I could craft you into something new simply by being.

But we are not myth

Nor legend,

Or gods.

We are not a fairy tale,

Not simple or sweet,

The complexity of chaos colliding with the simplicity of us,

How easy it is to be

Under your gaze

I simply am

I simply am

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