My Heart, My Life
My Heart, My Life valentines-day-contest stories

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My Heart, My Life

There he was, standing there. I had no heart, for I didn’t need one. But I felt empty inside. The only heart I had... was him.

I wondered what made me feel so nervous around him. I always said weird things to make him laugh, but that’s what friends do, right?

One day, on my birthday, he told me how he felt. “Today is Valentines Day,” he said. “And your birthday. My gift for you is my heart.”

And so he became my heart. He became my life. He became my soul. He filled the empty heart.

And that was the best birthday of my life.

I wouldn’t have expected this... But, I had no courage to tell him how I felt. I didn’t know he had any feelings for me.

But now we’re together, as one.

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