suna x reader part 2!
suna x reader part 2! haikyuu stories

ash_kozume do you ever look at life and think: wHy?
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part two brought to you by me never being able to sleep!

suna x reader part 2!

(umMmMm authors pov)

your sleeping peacefully when you feel someone behind shaking you and you being your own person you decide to ignore them hoping they would stop but they didn't in fact they started shaking

you harder. "WHAT?" you say turning to face the person bothering you beauty sleep and it was non other then.....the grey haired boy you saw this morning. "uh...class is starting...

" he said pointing to the teacher walking in "oh um thank you" you thank him and start putting away your headphones and sliding your phone into your pocket .

"GOOD MORNING CLASS" the teacher said no YELLED as if we weren't in front of her, "WE HAVE A NEW STUDENT JOINING US TODAY" they once again yelled causing you to groan "omg tone it down we all don't need to know you finally got a man."

You whisper only loud enough for the grey haired male behind you to hear but you heard two laughs,

one from behind you and one from beside you and to your surprise it was the pretty boy from this morning! You looked at him meeting his hazel eye's and you blush looking away quickly.

(suna's pov)

The girl i ran into this morning was sitting next to me, and samu decided to wake her up as the teacher walks in "WHAT?" she yells a bit at samu for waking her "uh...

class is starting" he said awkwardly..."wow no rude comment from him" i thought to myself "oh um thank you."

She turns to face the teacher walking in almost yelling her greeting's and suddenly i hear "omg tone it down we all don't need to know you finally got a man" the girl mumbled causing me and samu to laugh.

im guessing she didn't know i was there because she looked at me shocked and then blushed turning away quickly. "cute" i thought to myself before `focusing` on class.

-TIME SKIP BROUGHT TO YOU BY KENMA'S SNEEZE- (osamu's pov) it was now lunch time and i was hungry so i tap suna awake along with the girl next to him who was also sleeping. Suna says nothing as he gets up stretching, but the girl didn't wake up "geez she is a deep sleeper" i think to myself.

I decide to shake her harder till she slowly turn's around and looks at me with a questioning look "join us for lunch" is all i say and she just nods slowly standing up and grabbing her bento. -couple mins later- We made it to the lunch-room and make our way to the teams table. "oOooOo they brought a girl~" tsumu teases before i roll my eye's.

i look at the half asleep suna and that i think about it i don't know her name...I'll ask her later. Suna sits in his usual spot and i show the sleepy girl to the spot next to suna then sitting next to her.

OKIE! thats would lunch turn out? why did you agree so easily? you'll figure it out soon enough! thank you for reading and cya soon. i send lot's of love <3. buh bye! ~ash

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