hello this story is a mess
hello this story is a mess existence stories

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hello this story is a mess

Today, I'm going to tell you the story of a lost soul.

A soul that found itself in a very wrong place at a very, very wrong time.

So, one day, this lost soul appeared in a little girl's body.

Nothing was really wrong with the girl but her world was the problem.

Everything about her world was just broken people, the way they lived...

There was art, but what created it was this very brokenness.

So, day by day, this soul realized how much it didn't belong to where it was.

It desperately longed to be free again.

It just wanted to feel what it was like to be in a bird's body and fly away.

It wanted to feel the rain through the leaves of a tree again.

Now it was only shaking like a leaf because this world was just too much for it.

This existence made it more and more insecure by every second.

It started hating itself for not being able to feel at home.

It cried and cried and screamed and cut. It just blamed itself. But there was nothing it could do. It was just stuck.

That's when it decided it was time to accept what it was.

It was this little girl now and since she couldn't change what she was, she had to enjoy things the way she was.

She learned how to breathe through this existence she hated so much and she enjoyed this life, time to time.

Those were the times she pretended to be something else.

She would pretend to be a bird while on the swing and she would open her arms to the sky in the rain and pretend to be a tree.

And just like that, she decided to stuck around 'till the end of this life and hoped she would go to a better world next time.

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