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Thanku mam part 2
So this story is goid.about the poewer of girl with amaxing actuvity

Thanku Ma'm

Part ....2

After the oder stella went inside the kitchen .Actually stella was 14 year old .She had no parent .Her parent died when she was 8 year old.Her Aunt CLLOVA,who had no kids,Adopted her .

Therefore stella call her Mother

Stella wanted to become an Engio officer but after death of her parents she could not continute her studies.

No doubt her Aunt love her,but she was financially weaj do she could not support her in it.

After going to kitchen shevknee thr dough,molded them and pop them in large oven to be baked

Afterwhile a lady and kid along her came there.

."HELLO "the lady said

"HY MA'M WHAT YOU WANT?"STELLA asked in pailed voice

Question of the day:what was the name of stella's aunt?

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