drop your crown, love, there's a better world out there
drop your crown, love, there's a better world out there wlw stories

aryelee trust in the stars // semi-hiatus
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you kill the princess. you don't feel any remorse.

drop your crown, love, there's a better world out there


this time around, you kill the princess.


how many times have you done this?

the world crumbles to ash around you as you climb the tower; she set the fire and all you did was watch.

there's a reason they locked the princess away.

and still you desperately, s e l f i s h l y , want to save her.


that's the truth about humans: we are selfish to our very core.

surviving each apocalypse, building ourselves from the ground up --

it's not strength, just greed.

we don't want to give up our lives so easily.


we are no exception.


picture this:

two girls in a tower

pushed apart by thorns & dragon teeth

and still

we claw our way through the brambles to fall into each other's arms.

you wish you could call it love; but you were an outcast and she was a prisoner.

love has no place besides desperation.


somewhere down the line, you started wondering

is it better to save someone else, or to save yourself?

a hero would always save others. but the dragon --

the dragon just wants to live.


this time, you climb the tower and swear things will change.

this time,

you kiss a girl holding fire in her palms

and you kill the princess.


you run.

this is a tragedy in three parts: you, her, and the world watching you come crashing back to earth.

there's no hero and no villain in this one; you are both the cause and the effect


she spins flames into butterflies and melts down the gold in her crown.

you lose your dragon teeth in favor of gentler touches.

you kill the princess, and she kills the dragon.

the world will have to find a new story to tell;

in this one, we bury the titles shackled to us and love the versions of us that history forgets.

there is no guilt, no remorse,

just the light shining through and the love you selfishly hoard from the world.

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