[disconnected] sad stories

aryelee trust in the stars // semi-hiatus
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text messages from one left behind to one no longer here


2:46AM: It's been a while. I wish we could meet up again.

6:21AM: I miss you.

7:08PM: Remember when we would go out to catch fireflies every night? There are so many out there right now. But it doesn't feel right doing this without you.

11:56PM: I still have your favorite book. I finished it. It was just as perfect as you said. I promised to give it back. Won't you come get it?

3:16AM: We still had so much to do. Every promise fulfilled before graduation, remember?

3:58AM: I wanted to ask you to prom. Maybe you would have laughed, said prom is silly, but I hope you would have said yes.

[This number is no longer available.]

4:39AM: I wish I knew how little time we had.

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