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aryelee trust in the stars // semi-hiatus
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i have a future; this is terrifying, especially for future-me

dear future me,

Here's the thing: the world is wrong. The world is lying.

You're living on your own, just a few years out of high school, and you don't know what you're doing.

The world says: you're an adult now. Have a job. Have a partner. An education.

Have it all figured out.

But you're drifting, lost and confused and maybe a little scared.

You're finishing up a degree with no clear plans for the future. You have a small part-time job, but nothing else.

It's okay. It's fine.

Everyone around you is bumbling and lost, searching for direction while trying to find happiness.

The world is lying. You don't need to have it all figured out.

You're young and alive. That's what matters.

There's no clear plan for the future but things change so fast a plan wouldn't matter.

Here's the thing: you are not alone.

Thousands of people out there are still figuring things out, just like you.

Here's the thing: you're going to be just fine.

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