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There is immense unspoken bliss Behind the closed doors of a platonic soulmate,


There is immense unspoken bliss

Behind the closed doors of a platonic soulmate,

I know I sound like a hippy self help book let me translate: my best friend has cried in my arms over my cutting scars and then proceeded to draw flowers over them because I couldn't forget

She loved me and

The most beautiful things in this world come from the most blood and pain, and boy do they love the very best

That summer coming home from the fair

We were the first ones to get caught at the scene of an accident, an intoxicated driver had hit a telephone pole

We were there before the first responders

We were there before his family would even get that call that they would never see him again

Hug him again

Hear his voice again

I can't imagine knowing the one you lived died in the hands of strangers while you were miles away

I saw them pull him out of the vehicle


All of the beautiful things dead

I imagined all the love fleeting his body like a flock of ricocheted butterflies

And in that moment

I knew

I knew

I had to live

For love

Love from my best friend

Love from my dad love from my favorite book store owner

Love from girls that I met only a week ago now ain't that a true lesbian love story

Love from myself even on the worst days

Love from my dog

Love from my scars

Love from my illness

Love from a good dessert

Love in all forms

Should be cherished and preserved

You always gotta live what you love

And love what you live

Because love can

Change your life

Love can save your life

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