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Seeing the world act as one now gives me hope that we can all live as one, post the pandemic.

Musings from an "un-locked-down" mind.


No rich or poor, borders or religion

No race or colour, too narrow a vision

As I stare out the window onto streets filled with silence

My thoughts of our world, as our fate hangs in balance

I thank the songs that keep me company

To the breeze that blows in perfect harmony

With the sounds of the birds I was deaf to yesterday

To the stories that I close my eyes to today

I thank you for the time, a chance to clean myself

I thank you for the fear, to question life itself

While my body is confined, I let my mind run free

To soar into the skies, to speak what truth I see

And what I see my friends, brave stories everywhere

Of faceless warriors, giving death a cold stare

Winning this bloodless war, each of us a soldier

Birds of different feathers, all fighting back together

And of this I am sure, a new sunrise awaits

Where love matters more, in a world healed of its hate

And it's with hope I pray, that when all of this is done

The world that cries together, will also laugh as one

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