Dark Life
Dark Life sad #pain #poem stories

aru 8teen 👧|Omnivert|❣
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This is poem I have written inspired by Hannah Baker (a fiction character from 13 reason why book) and me. After reading about her,I understood her pain and combined it with myself and wrote this poem Alone.

Dark Life

I put a tape on my wound

that deep holes and cracks

by those spiky word

Ocean from the woods (brown eyes)

I drink it all , I take it all

And envelop with curvy candy smile

Covering and hinding the wound won't cure it

But look what you made me do

My heart is beeping

My brain is shutting

My body is shrinking and

My soul is fading and eventually

My existence is extincting

Trying to act good but in order to humiliate me

That's brave

You coercion me to cannibalize myself

Criticism is an easy form of ego defense,you know

Amonish me and castigate me too

Beacause it has became a proclivity to me

Life is going, still going and i am going too and

I know,you will criticize me for being me.

bye. bye

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