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A promise. It can be a giver of hope,


A promise.

It can be a giver of hope,

It can be a reminder of all of the L I E S.

A promise,

Reminder of distrust.

Is it really so hard to keep a promise?

Everyday I remember all the promises UNKEPT by those who I used to trust.

E V E R Y D A Y I remind myself to never make a promise when I'm happy.

And yet, everyday I promise myself to be braver than I was yesterday.

But still, everyday I hide behind the walls I've built in my mind.

Every morning I remind myself, don't trust words. Trust actions.

I remind myself that the best way to keep my word is not to give it.

Because I don't want others to be B R O K E N Like I am.

The thing about betrayal is, It never comes from your enemies.

Written by me Arttywitch. Thanks for reading.

My Second poem.

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