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Peter Parker is having trouble with Tony's death and hasn't touched his suit since the field trip which was two months ago.

BROKEN Peter Parker

 Peter sat down on his bed and dropped his head into his hands. He grimaced as a tear made its way down his face. He bit his lip and brushed it away roughly. He stood up and made his way to the window, stopping at his desk on the way. This was where he had first met Tony Stark. 

​​​ "He wouldn't have done what he did if he didn't know you were here" Happy's words rang in his ears. Peter continued to the window and dropped his head when he saw Stark Tower, rising in the distance.  "Are you okay? "a voice asked from behind him. He felt a hand rest on his shoulder and turned to see his Aunt May behind him, concern creasing her face.

He forced a smile he definitely didn't feel, "Fine. Just missing Tony a little."   She sighed, "You are obviously not fine. I miss him too, Happy misses him, we all miss him but would he really want you to sul and be miserable about him? Peter shook his head. "So don't be, try to do your superhero thing in honor of him." 

"I-I have to shower" he said, feeling tears pricking his eyes. May looked at him one last time, smiled grimly amd turned to go. Peter headed to the bathroom and stripped his clothes. He stepped into the shower and turned the water on avoiding it until it became hot.

He let the hot water hit his back and let the tears fall. He shook his head to clear it of the memory of when Tony had rescued him and he had said,  "If you really cared you would be here. " Tony then proceeded to walk out of the suit. Peter shook his head again thinking of his and Happy's conversation. "I just really miss him. "   "Me too"

Peter grabbed his pajamas and caught sight of his suit hanging in the corner. He hadn't touched it since his field trip, that had been two months ago. He looked away. He actually kind of missed swinging from building to building. He missed the wind on his face when he took his mask off.

He missed the thrill. He missed it. He missed Spiderman. He looked back at the suit, hanging on its hanger in the corner, but it was so sad to wear it. Tony had designed his suits for him, and now, well, now Peter was making his own suits. He made his decision. 

Sitting on the building, Peter realized that he shouldn't have let two months go by. He decided that, as hard it would he would visit Stark Tower. Peter dropped after making sure there was no one around to see. He opened the door and slipped inside. He headed upstairs to where the Avengers hung out.

He arrived tripping on the way in, causing them all to look up startled.  "Hey Peter, you good? " asked Scott Lang, stuffing some cheese into his mouth.  "Yeah, fine. Is Happy around ?"  "Uh.. Yeah, hes in Tony's lab. " 

Peter tilted his head at that, "Okay" He headed to Tony's lab.  "Hey Peter." Happy said when Peter walked in. "Hi Happy, I'm ready to start being Spiderman. "  Happy smiled, "Me too"

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