Stuck With You Pt.3
Stuck With You Pt.3 mystery stories

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The tale of the boy who lived then he died. Or did he die then live?

Stuck With You Pt.3

There his parents sat at the kitchen table. Both fighting back tears unsuccessfully. Holly stood by his side leaning on the counter. No emotion dared to grace her face.

His little cousin Alan perched on the counter. Tears rolling down his face as he tried to muffle his sobs with his teddy bear held close to his chest.

"Holly!" Turning Arren saw Dmitri standing in the door way. Red faced, tracks of dried up tears painted his face.

"Guys! I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to make you worry! There's this kid, who followed me ev-" He did not finish his sentence.

As he spoke Dmitri ran past Arren with open arms, embracing Holly and Alan in a hug. Arren was confusedly afraid. Collapsing to his knees, Arren shakily breathed.

What happened should not have happened. But it did happen. What happened? Simple.

Dmitri went through Arren. Time stopped. Everything dimmed, his body ached and throbbed. Arren felt like as if he had been robbed. His body trembled with fear.

As a side note, Time did not really stop. You can't stop time no matter how hard you try and cry. You cannot simply stop time. The trembling stopped. All time continued.

Robotically, Arren stood. Nothing existed anymore. All noise faded away. The world blurred, save for that hallway that led outside.

As he walked down that hall, Arren did not notice how everyone walked through him. Arren opened the door, walked down the walkway to the center of the front yard where many others were.

In the dead center of everything all he did was stare into nothingness. He was faintly aware of how the police sirens wailed. The red and blue lights colored his body.

No one saw him, no one knew him. Everything clicked into place.

"It's hard to be alive if you are dead." That's what the boy said. He was dead. Arren Wade is dead. And the boy tried to warn him that he will die.

The boy gave him the knife to protect him. But he did not listen. That is why the boys' voice echoed in his head. yet Arren still did not listen. Arren Wade is dead.

Where is his body you ask? Well, picture this. The woods, wet, misty from a passing storm. The moonlight makes the dew shine like the stars. All is serene and perfect.

Then, in the distance. You see what looks to be an old firewood shack. Built to keep fire wood dry. But there is not firewood anymore. No. There are two safes instead.

The first is old and rusted. The other is fresh spanking new. Now imagine that blond fellow from before perched atop the first safe. Cross-legged upon the top if the old metal box.

He shakes his head looking sorrowfully at his new companion. In his arms is a beat up, old violin. He strums a few random notes humming to them.

Brushing his blond hair back, Blue eyes fixed upon his fellow safe. The boy sings a rather up-beat tune.

What are you going to do?

I'm stuck here with you!

La Ti Da Di Dada!

I'm not underground, just wandering 'round town.

(Whistles the tune)

A shape of a human passes the safes. Lovingly stroking the new safe before departing away. The pale boy watches the being lumber away. He continued singing.

Hey! Visit us sometime!

You know where we are every day-ay-a-a-ay!

Twenty-four seven.

Ra Te Ta Be Baba!

No this isn't Heaven.

So! Whatcha say?

Come on around and visit us.

In our little club above ground!

Arren just died! But was he alive when he was alive? Or was he dead and alive? And the other boy! Was he alive because he existed in Arren's eyes or was he dead while being dead?

The question of many is… was Arren dead while living and was Dorian living while dead? Did both boys live their lives full or not?

Arren was dull in life so was he alive/ Dorian seemed bright in death so was he alive? Who lived and died?

Fair Dear Reader, you decide.

Why are you still reading? The show is over begone! Goodbye to you and farewell to thee!

AN: This is an old story I wrote about four years ago when trying different writing styles. May be more stories in this style in the future as I did enjoy the attempt at rhyming.

That is all, enjoy your life!

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