Stuck With You Pt. 1
Stuck With You Pt. 1 mystery stories

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The tale of a boy who lived and then he died. Or did he die then live?

Stuck With You Pt. 1

There is a town filled with everyone and everything. But I'm not here to write for you to read about a town filled with everyone and everything.

No, I'm here writing so you can be reading about two boys. Teenagers to be exact. One is dead the other is not. Can you guess which is which? No, of course not silly.

You are reading trying to answer a question out of a book as if it will answer back to you. Stupid.

Ahem. As I said before, one is alive and the other one is dead. One is missing and the other is found.

I think? Who is who? That is up to you! See what I did there? I rhymed, rhyming is so much fun! Teehee.

Now in the town mentioned afore homed these two boys since the day they were born. First of the two was Arren Wade.

An attractive youth, baby blue eyes, okay jaw line, skin so pale he could be called Snow white. The black hair did not help either. Voice soft like dry moss growing upon a rock.

Which makes no sense at all. Came from an ordinary family. A mother and father, sister and brother. All had jobs and all attended school. And all were alive save for Arren.

He acted like as if someone had died. Someone did die but he could not figure out whom, even when he tried.

Then there was the boy whose name you shall not know 'till you do know. For you do not know anything until you know about anything. Any-who! This boy was alive and full of spirit.

Forest green eyes shined with mirth as his golden hay locks of hair brushed against his olive skinned shoulders.

An odd description for skin color I know but I do not think "Lightly golden skin with a green tint to it.” sounds very nice. Right?

This boy was Six-five I believe while Arren was only Five-three. Tall enough to be a tiny tree. These two boys paths crossed in the most ordinary place in the world.

Where was this place you ask?

Why, it was the local arcade building. Where else in the world would they meet? This place has everything. Go-karts, paintball, a huge jungle gym, end food coming out of your ears.

Well, the food did not really come out of your ears mind you. It is just an expression to give you an idea of how much food there is. Honestly, you readers can be so dull at times. No offense.

Arren was thinking away over some amazing pizza with the ever-faithful Mr. Pibb soda at his side. The boy came up to “Non-sulking" Arren.

It was curious, the boy looked to be enjoying the food. But alas! Something was off.

"Arren, why so sad?" Asked the boy.


"Why, so sad? Black locks wave in the wind. So beautiful it aches my chest. Tea skin grows darker by sunlight. Ocean, I smell the sea everywhere and it pains-. She is gone.

'Where are you?' Crying, lost, confu-" The boy was cut off.

"Do you need something?" Snapped Arren like a snapping turtle. Snappity, snap, snap!

The boy answered. "You are pain. I help." Growling, doggie Arren glared at the youth. Only a few words summoned memories long old. Now this odd boy looked to be enjoying 'helping' Arren.

But alas! Something was off.

"Go away. You can't have my food." Arren hunched over the magical pizza. Glaring through black lashes. The boy embraced his owlish side by cocking his head eyes wide.

"Would having food help?'' Before any cursing, shouting, of scallywagging could start. The pizza was gone in the boy's mouth. Once finished he looked at Arren. "Did I help?"

Arren looked like a catfish opening its mouth to eat. It was tempting to hook him with live bait. Scorpion being the live bait. What? This is our world? Anything can and will happen.

Including scorpions being used as live bait.

"I PAID FOR THAT!" a shout came out.

The boy shook his head. “Nope, needs help."

"I don't need help! I don't need to see a doctor! I do-"Waving arms, legs, hands. Just about every part of his body, Arren shook. He howled, screeched, and spluttered.

There were many words the angered boy wanted to howl. But he could not, not with children around.

Stares were sent, Whispers were said, suddenly Arren wanted a bed. A heavy sigh passed his red lips, heavier feet carried Arren to the door out into the world.

As he did he mumbled '' Just need some sleep." to a worried girl from his English class. And boy did she have class too.

Directing a tired look to the boy that is Six-five, five-three swayed from side to side. Half of him wanted tea the other ha-.

Speaking of tea, would you like some? I positively love tea! And water, soda, alcohol, juice, smoothies, coffe- Oh! I am off-tracking again I see.

So sorry, but one last question before I continue. More tea dear Pelly?

Everyone watched Arren leave. Wondering what caused such a yell. Wondering whom he was yelling to. They did not see the other boy. That boy was gone.

Arren walked down the street dragging his feet. Leaving behind invisible Arren-tracks. Tired blue eyes swept to the road side.

For skipping beside him was the very same boy he met only moments ago.

The boy's blond hair bounced with each skip as he hummed a up-beat tune jamming his air-guitar, or air-drums, or air-trumpet. He alliterated interments you see.

He danced an unknown jig to music only he could hear and follow. It was begging to unnerve Arrren. He stopped. The boy skipping around him not missing a beat to his invisible song.

"Go away." Said Arren.

"Go away" softly echoed back.

"Did you just copy me?"

"Did you just copy me?" The boy stopped at Arren's right. It was so sudden it gave him a fright.

Now that would fright you I presume? A boy suddenly following you then stopping by your side. Saying what you say. Much like a shadow. Shadows are odd like that.

They are everywhere seeing and hearing everything . They are the best spies and guardians in the world. Just like me....

"Stop it!" Ooohhhh. Angry Arren.

"Stop it!"

Arren paused for a while. The boy said everything he did. There must be a way to trick this annoying lad to going away or at least embarrass him. An idea struck him.

A sly, clever smile split Arren's face. This was going to work, it had to work. If it did not well....... he will focus on what he is doing. "Shout what I'm going to say next."

"Shout what I'm going to say next." The boy stared intently at Arren.

"I am gay." Now here was when the blond lad was supposed to shout that in public. Get embarrassed at shouting that for all attention will be on him, then leave Arren alone.

But there was a slight flaw in Arren's magnificent plan. The boy let a smile much similar to Arren's paint his face. Positioned his body as if he was about to start a race.

Looked at Arren over his shoulder, taking a gallon of air he proceeded to shout.

"YES YOU ARE!"Then Blondie was gone. Before I continue on the story I just want to clarify that you cannot inhale a gallon of air at once. Do not try it.

No, wait do! it will be fun to write about. I am simply giving you an idea of how big the inhale was. It takes a lot of air to shout, kind of like a work out. Hey look! Another rhyme!.

The boy tore across the street laughing away. Leaving Arren stunned. He had to admit, he did not see that coming but he also walked straight into it.

Blinking once, shifted his feet a few times, a few breaths later did he realize the boy was getting away.

"Come back here!" he shouted, racing after the boy.

"You're it!" the boy called back, leaping gracefully over a bench.

"What?" Arren attempted to mimic the boy's actions leaping over the bench. The result was much cursing, attempting to untangle himself from himself and brushing grass out of his hair.

Finally put together. Arren saw the boy head for the forest. A smile dared grace his face; he soon caught up with the boy only inches from his heels.

Now over the hill into the woods to whatever place they go! The boy darted thought the trees, Arren close by. The chase became a sort of game.

One would hide from the other, once found will be chased and tackled to the ground then it would switch. It was like a combination of hide-and-seek and Tag you're it.

Oh! How I love to play games. Especially hide-and-seek. Pretending you cannot find them while you know exactly where they are. Hearing them stifle giggles of joy or whimpers of fear.

Seeing their bodies shake, heart racing. Ah! I love that game. And the song by Imogen Heap. The song is good, I like it.

The Pine Woods locals called it. Is where Arren realized they were. One of those pesky man-made woods where all the trees were planted in perfect rows.

It was pretty and creepy at the same time. Just add some fog, have it be late at night, a few crudely painted warning signs and voila! The woods become terrifying.

Can be used as a good Halloween prank too. Gave a person a heart-attack doing that once. It was awesome!

Creaky. Creaky. Creaky. The sound made Arren freeze. Turning slowly he discovered they were in a playground. A seemingly abandoned playground.

But it is not abandoned is it? If it was Abandoned then no one would be there. But someone was there. Two someone's in fact.

"Black hair so long. Tears in hazel eyes wanting to die but not. 'Where are you?' she cries her pain." Blondie wanders to a merry-go-round. ....

or is it called a round-a-bout? Those spinney things that you would try to go as fast as you can be pretending you were riding a tornado. At least that is what I did.

Jumping on it he uses his foot to lightly push causing it to spin in a creakily slow speed. "Pain, drowning in pain. pulsing like a wave..... blood everywhere but it's not yours but hers."

Arren stared at the boy whispering to himself "What? How could you know?" How could he know indeed? But also, how could Arren follow a strange boy into the field of trees.

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