You should have killed him!
You should have killed him! the walking dead stories
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Maggie and Rick discuss Negan's fate after the war is finally won.

You should have killed him!

Maggie was furious.

After everything that had happened, after that horrible monster had killed his darling Glenn in that vicious, mindless attack, Rick had just allowed Negan to live.

It was not fair. It could not remain this way!

"Rick, I need to talk to you."

Maggie stood merely two feet away from the man she had accepted long ago as her leader, but now she wasn't so sure about it all any longer.

They were dealing with the aftermath of the war they had just won -if only marginally so- and trying to rebuild from the ashes, so she knew Rick was incredibly busy.

Maggie didn't care: she needed to voice her disagreement over his decision.

"Sure, Maggie, what can I help you with?" Rick turned around to face the younger woman, who looked puffy-eyed. It was clear she had been crying.

Rick didn't look so well himself, exhausted by the responsibilities he assumed over time.

"Negan does not deserve to live."

Rick sighed. He knew she would want to discuss this issue again in the future; he just wasn't expecting it to come so soon.

"We need to show we are different from him."

"He murdered countless people, Rick! He raped women, under the guise of them being his lovers. He--" She stifled a little sob, and shook her head, trying to remain composed "He murdered Glenn.

You remember Glenn, don't you?!"

"Of course I do, Maggie. I also remember what he did to my son. But we must be better; be must try to show compassion. For humanity's sake."

"He doesn't deserve compassion" She hissed, crossing her arms angrily. "I want him dead."

"Will killing him bring Glenn back?"

"No. But at least Negan won't continue to breathe while Glenn lays six feet under!"

Rick sighed once more but was determined to stand his ground.

"Negan will remain a prisoner for the rest of his life, and that's final."

Maggie bit her lip to harshly it turned into a thin, white line, and glared at the man she had once respected, before storming off.

She wasn't sure what she would do next, but she couldn't just accept that answer. Glenn deserved better.

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