You should have killed him! Part 2
You should have killed him! Part 2 the walking dead stories

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Maggie is still furious Negan was kept alive after the war was won. But will she be able to go through with her revenge plan?

You should have killed him! Part 2

She was no longer allowed to guard the makeshift jail they kept their prisoners in.

The reason was relatively simple: After her argument with Rick, he didn't believe she could control her anger around Negan.

It was alright, though, she just needed to play the waiting game here: Eventually,

someone who was prompt to falling asleep would receive the nightshift turn and then she'd be able to slide inside.

It was over two weeks after her argument with Rick that Maggie saw her opportunity, and she took it.

The designated guard had dozed off and she tiptoed inside, clutching the gun between her hands with a finger in the trigger.

Negan was asleep in his bunk bed, but she didn't want him to have a painless death in his slumber. That wouldn't be fair either. She wanted him to know who was going to kill him and why.

Maggie kicked the bars and hissed:

"Wake up, asshole."

Negan was startled out of his slumber, and he sat upright, confused at first, but the moment his gaze settled onto Maggie, he seemed to understand what was going on.

"So, you've come to kill me for what I did to your little boyfriend?" Negan's trademark remained still inside that damned prison. Maggie was furious.

"Don't talk about him!" She snapped at him, and raised the gun, pointing it at his chest.

"Well, shoot then, princess. End my life and send me to my dear Lucille. At least then we'll be together again."

Maggie bit her lower lip harshly and remained still, aiming up, toward his head.

"Don't try to play mind games with me!"

"That's what he does, Maggie" A voice coming from behind her back startled her, and she turned to face Rick, who was stepping closer slowly.

"Don't try to stop me, Rick."

"Maggie, you are better than this"

"I don't care if I'm better. I want him to suffer!"

"Yeah, let the kid do what she wants, Rick" Negan chimed in, earning himself a glare from both Rick and Maggie.

"And don't you think being confined in this place when he had so much power is a way to make him suffer?"

Maggie hesitated, still unsure of what to do next.

"Put down the gun, Maggie. No one has to know; it'll be our secret. But you need to return to your bedroom now... it's over. He lost."

Maggie lowered her weapon slowly, yet still clenched on to it.

"Glenn is resting in peace. Negan is paying for his sins. I'll see to it that he is never freed, I promise"

"What a party pooper you are, Rick" Negan protested, but was promptly ignored.

"Alright..:" Maggie finally relented, and relented her gun to Rick. "You're right..."

Rick nodded silently, putting away the gun and wrapping his arm around the younger woman.

"Come, let's get you to your room," Rick whispered as they walked away from the cell room. "It'll be ok, Maggie...I know it hurts, but it'll be ok."

Maggie sobbed silently, and though Glenn wasn't with her any longer, at least she knew the memory of their love would always remain.

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