You are not my father!
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Dani and Danielle fight together against Vlad.

You are not my father!

"You must obey my orders!" Vlad screamed in frustration, as the clone he created from Danny Phantom himself turned against her creator.

Danielle had been obedient, if slightly strong-headed, until that moment, following who she believed to be her father's commands even when she wasn't sure if she agreed with them.

Now, Dani realized how much of a fool she had been and turned on her creator, siding with Danny instead, determined to defeat the man who had brought so much pain into her life.

"You are not my father! You created me to do your bidding, but that stops today!" She screamed, joining efforts with Danny to defeat the ghostly villain.

"No! No, Danielle, I am your father, the only family you have!" He replied desperately, trying to hold onto any kind of manipulation of the young girl he could.

Even if it meant pretending he cared for the little girl. "You're my daughter!"

"Not anymore I'm not if I ever was at all!" She hissed, merging her attack with Danny's, and firing a powerful ghost ray which vanished the older man... at least for the time being.

Panting, Danny and Dani sat on the floor, still in their ghost forms, and smiled at each other, finally on the same side.

"So... what now?" Dani asked hesitantly, only to see Danny smiling.

"Now you get to live your life for real, Dani, without anyone ordering you to hurt others."

"Wow... that sounds awesome!"

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