You are always on my mind
You are always on my mind nami & sanji stories

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Sanji daydreams about Nami

You are always on my mind

She's gorgeous! Really 98.72% of the reason he joined the Straw Hat Pirates in the first place.

Her auburn hair, her smile, her body! Nami is perfection personified in a single woman, and even thinking about her gets his blood boiling!

He flirts relentlessly with her, and yet she has never as much as accepted going on a date with him!

Well, sure, he cannot bring himself not to flirt with other beautiful women, perhaps that's the problem! But he's the Love Cook, lost in constant hurricanes of love!

How is he supposed to control his constant need to be surrounded by beauty?

What Nami doesn't know, is that for her he'd be willing to give up all other women, even if she'd never believe this was true!

He is aware that she strings him along to manipulate him and get him to do her bidding, but how can Sanji resist her charms?

Oh, how he loves it when she calls his name! 'Sanji-kun' she says, and he melts for her!

Nami-san will one day fall in love with him too, he just knows it!

She plays hard to get, but it's just a matter of time till she realizes he's her prince charming just waiting for her to notice him as she should!

It's so easy to close his eyes and imagine her in a wedding dress, beautiful and perfect, walking down the aisle to him! One day, perhaps, he'll be lucky enough!

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