Winston & Tracer
Winston & Tracer overwatch stories
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Winston gave Tracer her life back, allowing her to live in the present once more. Their friendship grows stronger after that pivotal moment.

Winston & Tracer

"You rule, Winston, did you know that?" Tracer asked the genetically engineered gorilla who had basically saved her life, hugging him tightly even as he stood awkwardly.

"Well, I was merely doing my job" He replied stiffly, giving the young woman a silent look. He wasn't one for big displays of affection, his shyness getting the best of him.

He had loved his handler, his caretaker, many years ago, but since his murder, it was hard being close to those around him.

He cares for every single member of the overwatch family and admitted to it shyly in the past, but it was still hard opening up in such a way too often.

Though Winston hadn't saved Tracer's life in any literal sense of the world, he had given her the chance to finally be in this world for real, and not merely jumping forward continually,

disappearing for days or weeks at a time, unable to remain in a single timeline for too long. He created a device no other scientist had been able to, anchoring her in the present.

And her smile made all the hard work worth his while.

"I'm so happy! And I owe it all to you!" She grinned brightly. "You know what? Let me make you a yummy peanut butter sandwich to begin making it up to you!"

Without hesitating, Tracer grabbed his big gorilla hand and guided him outside the lab, smiling happily at the fact that she could, at last, have her life back.

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