Will you marry me?
Will you marry me? pride and prejudice stories

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Mr. Darcy finally proposes to Elizabeth again.

Will you marry me?

"Elizabeth Bennet... will you marry me?"

This was not the first time Fitzwilliam Darcy asked this question. He had before, under the rain, in a turmoil-filled time in their life that had ended with both their hearts being broken.

She had refused him back then, rejected his proposal, and hurt him just because she could, because he irritated him.

He had pursed his lips, thanked her for her earnestness with clear dismay and left her side.

After that painful moment, Elizabeth believed he'd never again give her such an opportunity.

She'd have to accept the fact that she would remain away from the love of her life, and that he'd marry Mr. Bingley's sister or even Lady Catherine de Bourgh's daughter.

And yet here he stood, asking her to marry him, making her heart flutter and her smile grow so wide her lips hurt.

"Yes, a million times yes" She replied, hugging him tightly, the aching in her very soul finally finding relief.

Elizabeth was elated, in his arms, knowing that soon she'd be his wife and he'd be her husband and nothing would keep them apart once more.

"Elizabeth..." He whispered her name. Against propriety, Mr. Darcy kissed her before their wedding day. Elizabeth did not mind, melting into their kiss and knowing it would be the first of many.

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