What's a Pikachu?!
What's a Pikachu?! one piece stories

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A strange (yet short) crossover. What happens when Ash Ketchum gets lost and ends up at the Blue Sea?

What's a Pikachu?!

"Huh? What's that thing?" Luffy stares at the sea with a confused look on his face. He's never seen anything like that before, and that's saying a lot.

He might be young, but he's been all over the world with his crew!

"What is is, Luffy?" Nami replies, walking over to the side of the ship. She is just as stunned as he is, as she notices a young boy riding a strange blue creature close to the pirate ship.

"Hey, hey, boy!" Luffy cries out, and the dark-haired kid looks up at the ship, with the Straw Hat crew slowly gathering to stare over the side and onto the sea.

The kid's wearing a red and white hat, and a blue jacket, and is raiding that strange creature like it was no big deal.

A blue sea monster with a big shell the kid sits comfortably on, and next to him, a peculiar yellow mouse with a long, wavy tail and the most prominent ears they have ever seen in a rodent!

"Hey!" He replies, smiling up at the crew, waving at them merrily.

"What are you doing down there?" Nami asks with surprise, though she's eyeing the cute, surprisingly big mouse which waves back at them as well. "And what is that?"

"This is Pikachu!" The kid answers and pats the yellow animal on the head, which repeats its name. "We're a bit lost! We're looking for Johto, but got disoriented after a few whirlwinds!"

"Johto? I don't think I ever heard of that. Is it a city?"

"No, an entire region!" The kid replies with a confused look on his face. Who doesn't know of Jonto? Do you know the way there?"

"No, I don't think I've ever seen it on a map!" Nami responds with earnest curiosity. She has a big love for cartography, how could she miss it?!

"Well, thanks anyways! We'll keep searching then!" The kid exclaims, and waves once again, the creature he's riding on beginning swimming forward with surprising velocity.

"Hey, hey, kid, wait!" Luffy shouts after him, but it's late. The odd creatures are gone.

"Well, that was weird!" He mutters, turning around to his crew. Most shrug and get on with their tasks. It was weird, sure, but they've seen weirder for sure!

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