What was my mom like?
What was my mom like? steven universe stories

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Steven asks Pearl about his mom

What was my mom like?

Steven was sitting by Pearl's side on the beach, and they had been enjoying watching the waves coming and going for a while now when he turned to face her.

He had wanted to ask a question for so long, and yet he knew it was a complicated subject indeed. So he often swallowed his question regarding his mother.

This sounded like the right time to ask, however, with the night so pleasant and Pearl looking so happy.

"Pearl, what was my mom like?" He finally dared ask, and a silence lingered between them for what seemed like the longest moment.

Pearl smiled quietly. She still misses Rose. It's hard speaking about her, but how can she refuse to tell her son about her?

"She was incredible, Steven"

"What does that mean?"

Pearl turned to face his young friend and sighed quietly.

"It means she was just like you. Kind and warm and generous" She replied patting his head sweetly.

Steven smiles, nodding. He likes talking about his mom, but he knows its hurtful to those who loved her so much, even at his young age.

"Does that mean I'm incredible too?"

Pearl chuckled and nodded.

"You absolutely are, Steven. Just like her"

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