What happens if you call your own number?
What happens if you call your own number? horror stories

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Following a silly internet challenge can change your life.

What happens if you call your own number?

It began like any other silly internet challenge. Calling your own phone number and leaving a silly message.

Why? Who knew? It was just another fad, and like every single time before, she followed it.

Why not? She had already played the cinnamon challenge, coughing the spoonful out.

She had already thrown an entire bucket worth of icy water on top of her head, and so many other challenges she had encountered online.

So she dialed her own number and pressed call.

Much to her surprise, it rang.

She gasped, confused and frustrated. Surely she had just dialed the number wrong and was now wasting seconds from her monthly plan, but when she checked the number, it was correct.

So, out of curiosity, she heard it ring over and over.

Just when she was ready to hang up, someone finally answered.


It was her voice.

What the hell was going on?!


A long pause ensued, before she spoke again. Or rather, the girl on the other side of the line who shared her same voice.

"Who is this?" The girl sounded worried, and she felt concerned as well.

"It's Anna"

"Whoever this is, it's not funny" The Anna on the other side of the line replied, before hanging up.

Anna sat there, stunned, but before long, her phone began ringing again.

It was her own number.

She was too scared to pick up the phone... but it wouldn't stop ringing, even when she tried to turn it off.

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