Well... This is awkward
Well... This is awkward short story stories

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So Teddy might have discovered Bunny's post.
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Well... This is awkward



Huh? Someone's speaking to me?

You know who's speaking. Come on, look at me!

Oh, hi, Teddy! I didn't see you there.

Bunny, I saw the post you made about me.

You did?

I also saw you gave away my favorite plate!

I didn't!

You so did! Look!

You also said we were rivals! I never ever did anything to your silly nose!

Oh, well... Yeah, I did.

And what do you have to say for yourself?

I'm sorry...

Really, really sorry. Can we be friends again?

Oh, I can't stay mad at you! Ok!

Let's go get something to eat!

Let's see, let's see, what can I make?

Hey, hey, can I help?

No, you always make a mess when we cook. Let me take care of it.

These eggs will turn out great!

Let me scramble them up!

But I was making sunny-side-up eggs...

Then I'll chop up the corn!

Sure, just stay away from my poor eggs...

Hey, this tastes surprisingly good!

Want some more?

Sure! Keep them coming!

Don't think you're getting out of cleaning up, though!

Hey Teddy...

TEDDY! I'm stuck!

How on earth did that happen?!

Never mind that! Help me out!

Ok, ok, let's see... Hey, you're really stuck!

Ouch! Don't pull at my poor ear!

Just one more pull! Almost there!

Free at last!!

Wait, hold still!

Yay! That was fun! Let's do it again

No, not happening. Let's go do something else.

Do you dare me to pull the cat's tail?

No, I certainly don't, Bunny. Leave her alone.

I'm going to do it anyway!

Look out, she's got claws!

You're my hero, Teddy! Keep her away!

I want to write on the board, but I'm too short!

Do you want me to help you? You look so down!

You're too short too, Bunny! You're tinier than I am!

I could hop on your head, Teddy!

Sure, go ahead!

Look, Teddy, we're writing a message to our fans!

Bye for now! We'll be coming back soon with more adventures!

Yeah, we're already getting the pegasus ready to impress you all!

Shhh! They don't want spoilers!


But we're totally getting a pegasus, so stay tuned!

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