Wedding night
Wedding night game of thrones stories

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Tyrion and Sansa's wedding night, a tender moment where Sansa begins to trust Tyrion, as he swears to protect her.

Wedding night

Sansa and Tyrion were now husband and wife. Guest had laughed, Joffrey had threatened them, and Tyrion was drunk.

This was not the way Sansa had imagined her wedding night.

She was holding a glass of wine in her hand, one offered to Sansa by her new husband. Her heart was beating so fast as Joffrey's threat echoed in her mind over and over.

"Tyrion... I was wondering if I could ask something of you. As your wife?" She asked carefully, softly, unsure if she could make any requests.

She was, after all, little more than a prisoner, wasn't she?

Tyrion looked surprised, but pleased. Perhaps this was a step in the right direction. Perhaps there was a way to create a connection between the both of them.

"Of course you may, Sansa. What can this husband do for his wife?" Tyrion asked, gazing up at her with undeniable guilt.

"Please, stop drinking for tonight" She muttered, looking away from him. Tyrion stared at the cup of wine in his hand and sighed.

If his wife had an issue with his drinking, this would be a long marriage indeed.

"I'm worried" She continued "Joffrey threatened me tonight. He said he'd enter the bedroom once you passed out, and..."

She couldn't even finish her sentence, muffling a quiet sob and trembling with fear.

Tyrion hesitated for a second, before patting her hand tenderly.

"Wait just an instant, Sansa" He finally told her, his tone soothing as he helped her sit down. "Inhale and exhale slowly, you don't need to worry: I have the perfect solution"

Tyrion was barely gone a moment, snapping his fingers and calling for someone on the other side of the room. A moment later, Bronn entered the room, hand on the hilt of his sword.

"My lord, you called?" Bronn quipped with his usual dry humor "I didn't imagine you'd be in trouble so early in your young marriage"

"Oh, shut up you oaf!" Tyrion tried not to chuckle while he admonished him, but Bronn only looked more amused. "My wife, this is Bronn.

"He might be an impertinent oaf, but he's a skilled impertinent oaf. And he will watch our door as long as we need him to. And if the King or his goons try to enter"

"I will geld them" Bronn interrupted humorously, his sense of humor dark and impertinent.

"No, not precisely" Tyrion pinched the bridge of his nose with irritation. "But the point is he'll stand guard, Sansa, and you'll be safe in here, you have my word"

Sansa smiled in relief. This night could have been an utter nightmare, and so far... at least her husband cared for her safety. It was more than she could have wished for.

"Thank you, Tyrion" She smiled warmly, believing for the first time she might, in time, come to love her husband.

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