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Amy Pond was the girl who waited. And by god did she wait.


Amelia Pond waited. And waited, and waited and waited.

She had met her raggedy man when she was nothing but a kid, and ever since then, she had waited to go on an adventure with him.

He had promised he'd return for her. She had believed him. How foolish!

Amy could still remember every single detail from that night. She still could close her eyes and see clearly every movement, every gesture.

He had crashed quite literally into her life, in his TARDIS, and turned everything upside down.

Everything had changed since he left. He had promised her endless adventures. He had managed to make that evil crack dissapear.

He had sworn he'd be gone for merely an hour, and yet Amy had spent her entire childhood waiting for him.

Her childhood died as she waited for that neverending hour to finally be over, and little by little she became an adult.

Amy was forced to visit so many shrinks, even bitting one of them violently, and yet none managed to convince her that the Doctor was a figment of her imagination.

Years went by lazily, and the hour forever continued. He would come back soon, she told herself.

He never did.

Not until she was well into her 20s, at least.

And that fateful morning, that morning in which he returned to her, everything would be turned upside down again.

By that morning, that cold November morning, Amy Pond had lost all hope to ever see him again.

And yet there he was. There he was, as if not a minute had passed by.

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