Twin trouble
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One of Lisa's experiments backfires. What are the twins supposed to do now?!

Twin trouble

"What's going on?!" Lana screamed, tugging at the pretty pink dress she was wearing after just blinking.

Just a second ago she was tinkering on one of Lisa's inventions, covered in grease and the next; she was standing on the other side of the room, all dainty and pretty,

with her hair combed in a perfect little hairdo.

"Ah!! I'm covered in grease! Take it off, take it off!" Lola was shrieking in disgust, trying to hopelessly rub the disgusting mess off her overalls.

The two twins stared at each other in shock. They still looked just like the other did, as they had their entire lives, but they were in the wrong bodies! What was going on?!

It was right that moment that Lisa entered the room, wiping away the black residue left behind by an explosion from her latest experiment.

"Ah, it seems my little experiment really backfired" She mused thoughtfully, as she noticed the look of horror in the twin's faces.

"What happened?!" Lana protested, taking off the tiara on her blonde hair. Or rather, Lola's blonde hair, but since she was the one in her sister's body right now, it didn't' much matter.

"Don't break my tiara! I'm going to tell if you break my tiara!" Lola whimpered, going to grab it before she realized her fingers were also covered in grease.

She didn't want to stain it, so crossed her arms in frustration.

"I was experimenting with Nuclear transmutation, but it seems my calculations were off by a number or two," Lisa explained to the startled twins.

"Meaning?" "I messed up and you two switched bodies."

There was a sharp silence for a moment, before Lola's scream filled the room completely.

"Fix it, fix it! I can't have dirty nails! I just can't take it!" She whimpered, grabbing Lisa's clothes pleadingly.

"I will, I will: I just need to work on my calculations for an hour or two."

"And what am I supposed to do till then?!" Lana protested as well. Lisa shrugged silently.

"Take a shower and change clothes respectively, I suppose?"

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