Together at last
Together at last supergirl stories

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Lena and Kara finally share their first night together.

Together at last

It had taken so long for them to finally admit their feelings for one another.

They had been friends for so long, that thought the attraction had always been there, they were too afraid to ruin what they already had.

It had been, of course, Lena who took the first step, kissing Kara while sharing an intimate moment together on Lena's apartment.

They had fallen in each other's arms and kissed their way to Lena's bed, finally giving in to their desires.

It had been an amazing night, and they had fallen asleep quick after, cuddling up till morning came.

Kara woke up to Lena's limber fingers rolling through her blonde hair, and smiled as she stared deep into her beautiful eyes.

"Last night was incredible" Kara whispered dreamily, leaning forward to kiss Lena's gorgeous lips once more, sighing in delight at being kissed back.

"It truly was" Lena agreed, only once she reluctantly moved away from the kiss. "I hope this won't be a one-time thing?"

"Not at all" Kara replied, grinning widely at the idea that Lena also wanted to try and see where this new path could take her.

"Would you stay for breakfast?" Lena asked, though her tone implied less of a question and more of a sweet command.

"Absolutely, anything to spend a few more minutes with my favorite gal" Kara replied playfully, though she had no intentions of getting out of this bed quite yet.

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