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Piper considers if she could like Nick as more than just a friend, even if he's a synth.

Toaster crush

"You can't really have a crush on a synth!" Nat stated, crossing her arms in front of her chest and frowning at her sister.

Piper, along with Nat, ran the Publick Occurrences, a newspaper of moderate success which operated in Diamond City.

"Well, I didn't say I had a crush" She mused, thinking about Nick."I mean, he is handsome, in a robotic kind of way. Plus, he's funny and charming, isn't he?"

"He's basically a toaster!" Nat protested, rolling her eyes at the ridiculousness of it all. "You keep making googly eyes at a toaster"

"I do not! And he's not a toaster, don't be ridiculous."

Piper seemed to consider her sister's accusations, thinking back on the times she'd have to work alongside Nick while investigating leads for her newspaper.

"You really need to get yourself a date with a real man"

"Well, seeing as most men I am interested in are either here for a few weeks before leaving town, I'd say that's not much of a possibility. Plus, Nick's, well... he IS kind of cute. In an odd way"

"You've got to be kidding me. I'm going to have a toaster as a brother in law!"

"At least Sheng Kawolski didn't try to kiss me!" Piper retorted, chuckling as she teased her younger sister.

"Oh, shut up! He only tried it once and I punched him right in the face! Serves him well, that brat!"

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