To Ashley Subject: Re: Hey there
To Ashley 

Subject: Re: Hey there mass effect stories

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Sheppard replies to Ashley's letter and confesses his love for her, at last.

To Ashley Subject: Re: Hey there

To my dear Ash:

It's good to see that you actually have emotions under that thick wall you put up around you.

After what happened on Horizon, I was beginning to worry that keeping your photo in my quarter was just mental torture rather than the hope of seeing you again.

You want to believe it's really me that I've come back for real, and I have good news for you: It truly is me. I was brought back; I was given a new chance in life.

I know it's hard to wrap your mind around it, as I have similar doubts. Sometimes I feel lost.

Sometimes I feel like a part of me has never quite come back, but when I think about you, it's like that missing link suddenly isn't so large any longer.

Like I could be whole again if you gave us another chance.

I know you can't come with me in my new mission, I know we must be apart, but knowing I have someone to go back home to is all I need to keep up hope.

You can have my word on one thing at least: You won't lose me a second time. I'll be right back soon, and we can figure out where to go from there.

Because, Ash, even if it's messed up to admit it over an email, I need to say it: I love you.

Talk to you soon


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