This isn't my body
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This isn't my body, and I'm terrified of dying all over again. I need your help.

This isn't my body

This isn't my body.

I woke up inhabiting the body of a complete stranger, as I did yesterday and the day before.

In fact, since I died a full week ago, I have been jumping out of bed locked away under someone else's skin.

And every night, for seven nights now, I've died. Or rather, I died a week ago, and now other people are dying.

Only they are far gone by the time I take over their lives, for less than 12 hours every single time.

I'm scared. No one believes me, and I've told this story 5 different times already, in five different voices.

One time, even in a different language. A language I didn't use to know.

This time, I didn't even try it.

That's why I'm sitting here, using the laptop of a man in his 40s.

He is bold and thin. He lives alone. He has no family, or at least no pictures of them.

What he does have are terrible videos in his computer. Videos involving children. He hurts them.

Yesterday, I wore a drug trafficker's skin. The day before that, a teenager who -I discovered a few hours before dying- was planning a school shooting.

I used to be a regular girl. I never harmed a soul, I'm not like these people I'm forced to live as for almost a full day each.

Why can't I just die? Why must I return over and over?

I need help. It's midday, and I still have a few hours left: I've never died before sunset, at least not so far. So I need your advice.

Even if you don't believe me, even if you think this is bullshit, help me out. Make a game out of if you want to, but give me a few ideas.

For God's sake... I need a way out.

Dying over and over again is just too painful.

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