These human feelings
These human feelings supernatural stories

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Castiel ponders about his feelings for Dean.

These human feelings

How can it be?

I was meant to save Dean Winchester, to guide him toward his destinty. It was my task, it was the right why I took Jimmy's bod as a vessel.

I'm an angel of God, my only reason to exist is following his orders and his words. And yet...

And yet, I experience feelings I'm not meant to have. I love a human being, and not in the pure way an angel might love one of his charges.

I love Dean Winchester in a way only a human can love another. I love him and want to share a life with him, want to share my bed with him.

I want to make him smile and his happiness means more to me than I could have ever imagined.

He is handsome, and I shouldn't notice that fact. I feel a strange tingle whenever he is around, and I think it's arousal.

I think I want to kiss him, I want to touch him, and I want to experience earthly pleasure with him.

I love him, and I don't understand how it happened. Dean is simply a human and I'm an angel.

I should not experience these human emotions, and yet I do and can't deny it any longer.

How can I face the truth that I can't stop thinking about Dean?

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