Don't follow the voice in the woods

Don't follow the voice 
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There's a voice calling from inside the woods. Please don't follow it.

Don't follow the voice in the woods

The woods are my only neighbors. Right outside of my doorstep, these trees grow, like a sea of branches and dark leaves.

During the day, it's a beautiful sight to behold. I can sit upon my window for hours, watching the birds create their nests high off the ground, chirping merrily away.

And yet, during the night, everything changes.

I don't want you to think these are silly fears, dear reader. I'm not just scared of the dark. There's something out there, something that lurks in the forest.

Something not quite human, yet I can't say it's an animal either. It's something in between, something wicked and cruel.

Sometimes it taunts me, calling for me to step out my front door and walk into the woods. I know I can't follow it. If I do, I'll never come back.

I'll never enjoy the beauty of the leaves dancing under the warm summer sun again.

These woods shift when the sun goes down. They open a portal to another realm, one I cannot see without leaving the safety of my home.

And so, night after night, I hear this creature's taunts. Calling me to join it. Attempting to make my curiosity too powerful to control.

I'm afraid. Both of what lays just outside my door, and of the curiosity that grows inside me, larger each day.

How much longer will I be able to control it? I do not know, and I'm afraid the night when it finally becomes unbearable is all too close now.

If I do follow it, if I lose this battle, please remember: Never follow a voice into the woods. It'll be the end of your humanity.

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