The voices made me do it
The voices made me do it horror stories

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It's the end... but how could I have known the voices were coming from the mirror all along?

The voices made me do it

I have been hearing voices all my life.

Violent, cruel voices.

Some even sound like me. My own voice, but I don't speak them out loud. They instead scream in my mind.

It's all in my head, doctors explained: They gave me pills, they had me go through intense therapy. I followed all their recommendations.

The voices just won't go away.

I'm too exhausted. The voices tell me to commit heinous crimes, to hurt people. I can't do it.

It's time to end it all.

So I bought the pills the doctors gave me to help me sleep.

I gulp down a handful of them and fill the bathtub to the brim. I get inside and lay down, waiting... waiting for it all to be over.

Just as I feel myself beginning to fall asleep, barely able to move at all, sinking in deeper and deeper into the water, I see it.

I see... her.

She looks just like me in every single way, except for that cruel smile.

I know why I heard my own voice in my head now. It wasn't me. It was... it was her all along!

Except for that cruel smile.

She winks at me horribly, and waves goodbye. She'll take my place now... And I can do nothing but fall asleep and allow darkness to devour me.

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